Nextgen Gallery Rollback breaks the visual editor

chmodI upgra­ded my Next­Gen galle­ry to ver­si­on 2 only to find out what a mess it is. It com­ple­te­ly rui­ned my WP install. When I tried to follow the­ir how-to to roll back to pre­vi­ous ver­si­on, it wor­ked — I was able to res­to­re 1.9.13 ver­si­on without losing any data, it seems so far. But, the­re was one big issue left — the visu­al edi­tor stop­ped wor­king. It was com­ple­te­ly blank with no icons and no abi­li­ty to enter text. The HTML edi­tor wor­ked fine thou­gh.

Having disa­bled all the plu­gins I was able to detect that the one causing the pro­blem was the NGG. With NGG disa­bled, the visu­al edi­tor wor­ked. The moment I acti­va­ted the NGG plu­gin, the visu­al edi­tor was left blank. I tried to goo­gle the solu­ti­on, but none of the advi­ce I found wor­ked for me. The so-called “sup­port forum” on NGG’s Wor­d­Press site had no answers for this issue.

Today it stro­ke me — I had a pro­per look at the NGG’s file and fol­der per­mis­si­ons in my WP install direc­to­ry — guess what… all the direc­to­ries were set to 750 and all the files to 640. I chmo­ded them to 755 and 644 respecti­ve­ly, and voi­la… eve­ry­thing works now.