Linux nirvana




Just expe­ri­en­cing a Linux nir­va­na. On the four ter­mi­nal scre­ens:

  • top left: Our home Ubun­tu based ser­ver run­ning pyLo­ad, Calib­re ser­ver, sere­ving also as a NAS sto­rage for the Pi
  • top right: My work stati­on, a 6‑year-old Thin­k­Pad T61 run­ning Linux Mate 16 Pet­ra
  • bot­tom left: Our WL-500­g­V2 rou­ter run­ning linux based Toma­to fir­m­ware
  • bot­tom right: Our raspber­ry pi run­ning Debi­an based RaspBMC ser­ving as a mul­ti­me­dia pla­yer, media files are sto­red on the ser­ver

Besi­des these, the are also my son’s desktop with Linu­x­Mint 15 amd my dau­gh­ter’s net­book run­ning Linu­x­Mint 16.