How to publish Journey articles to a WordPress site

journeyJour­ney is an aweso­me app for Andro­id. I use it  to cap­tu­re moments from eve­ry­day life, kin­da of a dia­ry, if you like. Some of my ent­ries are strict­ly per­so­nal, secret, but I often wish to sha­re my moments on our fami­ly web­si­te, yes, this one :-). And this is whe­re Jour­ney lacks one basic functi­o­na­li­ty, as far as I’m con­cer­ned. You can sha­re your thou­ghts as pla­in text, HTML code, Text + media, ZIP and Goo­gle+. You can pub­lish your ent­ries to Face­book, Twit­ter and Tum­blr.

Why on Earth would I like to sha­re my ent­ries as pla­in text? Jour­ney ent­ries can be enri­ched with Mar­kdown and I use this fea­tu­re in eve­ry sin­gle ent­ry of mine. Actu­ally, Mar­kdown was the killer fea­tu­re that made Jour­ney the win­ner when I was making the deci­si­on of pay­ing for it. Cho­o­se HTML code and then sha­re to Wor­d­Press, right? That’s the way to go. Wrong. Wor­d­Press is mis­sing from the Sha­re to… menu. Sha­me on you, coders… The same sto­ry repe­ats when you cho­o­se Text+media.

But, the­re is a way to go. It’s not as strai­ght­for­ward as a push of a but­ton, but it’s a way. The magic is called IFTTT. Toge­ther with Face­book or Goo­gle+ pub­lish functi­on, you can get your ent­ries pub­lished to a Wor­d­Press site. But I’m no fan of Face­book and I don’t want to get all my Goo­gle+ ent­ries pub­lished on our fami­ly web­si­te, so I hea­ded for Tum­blr, which I had no use sin­ce then.

Selection_001Cre­a­te a Tum­blr account and sign up for IFTTT if you have­n’t done so far. No spe­cial tasks for Tum­blr. I use it just as a “transfer stati­on”, nothing more. In IFTTT you will have to cre­a­te a reci­pe. Sup­ply the “Tit­le” and “Body” boxes with appro­pri­a­te ingre­di­ents. For “Cate­go­ries” fill in any of exis­ting cate­go­ry names used in your Wor­d­Press site, for “Tags” I recom­mend the following: IFTTT, Tum­blr, Jour­ney, {{Tags}}. That will help you to iden­ti­fy posts that were pub­lished from Jour­ney throu­ght IFTTT and Tum­blr and sup­ply all the tags you used in the respecti­ve Jour­ney ent­ry. Finally set the “Post sta­tus” to Draft, for the­re are two dra­wbacks. First, the tit­le of your Wor­d­Press will com­pri­se of few first lines of your Jour­ney ent­ry. Your Wor­d­Press article will most pro­ba­bly need some edi­ting befo­re going pub­lic. Second, if you used an image in your Jour­ney ent­ry, it will be transferred, but not saved in Wor­d­Press. It’s URL will be shor­te­ned to some­thing like which means, you can not use the image as a fea­tu­red image auto­ma­ti­cally. Also, if you, like me dele­te the Tum­blr ent­ries later, just because you don’t need them, you will lose the image. The cure: save the image to your Wor­d­Press site manu­ally.