How to install Crunchbang Linux on an old IBM laptop

Yes­ter­day I managed to buy a T42 laptop manu­factu­red by IBM in 2004. The com­pu­ter looks like new, no bru­i­ses or even cracks, nothing like that, the key­bo­ard and all the plas­tic parts untou­ched. Tou­ch­pad does not seem to have been used at all. The dis­play is per­fect­ly clear and clean.

So I was sear­ching, and found a wor­ka­round here, which sug­ges­ted that the bug is in the /bin/­check-mis­sing-fir­m­ware file.  So, here is what to do:

  1. Boot the install media, and select install, just like normal.
  2. When in the installer, switch to ano­ther con­so­le, by pres­sing alt+ctrl F2, then enter to acti­va­te the prompt and edit the file. My favou­ri­te edi­tor is nano, thus I go for this
    nano /bin/check-missing-firmware
  3. Find line with #!/bin/sh in the file, should be right on the top and insert exit 0 right after it, save and and exit the editor
  4. Press alt+ctrl F5 to go back to the install gui and you can con­ti­nue the install pro­gress and it wont hang up