Chrome Web store kills the system

My ave­raged laptop Leno­vo T61 is the home of two Linux sys­tems — Linux Mint Pet­ra and Pep­per­mint Five (actu­ally the­re are three more sys­tems installed, but that’s not the point here). “Pet­ra” and “Five” are the two most used ones. I use Chro­mi­um, Ope­ra and Fire­fox on the Five, and Fire­fox and Chro­me on Pet­ra.

Recent­ly I star­ted to expe­ri­en­ce a stran­ge issue on both of my favou­ri­te sys­tems. Whe­ne­ver I went to the Chro­me web­sto­re with the Chro­me, Chro­mi­um or Ope­ra, the sys­tem fre­e­zed and showed a black blank scre­en beco­ming totally unusa­ble — I could­n’t even switch to a CLI ter­mi­nal via CTRL+ALT+Fkey. Pret­ty annoy­ing. I could­n’t figu­re out any solu­ti­on for qui­te a long time.

Today, I lear­ned one — the magic is in the Hard­ware acce­le­rati­on opti­on which is ON by default. Turn it OFF, restart the brow­ser… and the issue disap­pears!